How well does Unraid work with 10th gen Intel?


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I'm looking to upgrade my build due to CPU demand and would like to go for the i7-10700. I need the hyperthreading that the 10th gen offers and am unfortunately stuck with Intel due to Quick Sync being the only supported method of video transcoding in various things that I use.


I'm curious how well Unraid works with the new 10th gen CPUs. I managed to find one previous thread with two people that got a 10th gen CPU 'working', but there were hiccups such as the on-board NICs not working (they had to resort to USB NICs).


Anyone have experience with the new Intels?

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yes. just got a i5-10400 with a gigabye b460 ds3h with unraid 6.8.3 running an updated kernel 5.9


works no issues. i upgraded the kernel to make sure the realtek 8118 NIC would work.

i don't play games or do any kind of transcoding on it.


it replaced an amd ryzen 2200g before that that had issues under heavy loads (yes I did all the amd tricks).



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