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converting image to dockerfile

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Hey guys,


Im looking to create some dockers but im running into some issues.

a) ive never really used docker and still trying to get my head around it.

b) I want to clone an official dockerhub image and make an unraid version (need to be able to set some variables etc)


on the 2nd point, ive managed to figure out that i can convert the container into an image and then using portainer "upload" the image to my dockerhub repo, however it seems to want a dockerfile present. This is where i run into point "a)" where i dont really know what to do. Using portainer ive bashed around and can see the layers the image has, etc etc, but dont understand how to convert this.


If someone knows of a good resource that can help would be great.


Here is some background

Im trying to create unraid CA versions of Grafana/loki & Grafana/Promtail & Grafana/Loki-canary
The problem is:

hard codes where the config file loads from as part of the run/start command in the image (if you dont want to change anything, not critical)

hard codes where the config file loads from same as above, however this file needs to be edited, also cant configure where to store additional config files properly

needs to be started with additional switches which cant be set in container (or i cant figure out how to)


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Not an answer to your question, but hard coded folders that you want to change can simply be mapped to any given folder in unRaid via the template.  Many examples of this in the Apps tab where say the mapping is /home mapped to /mnt/user/appdata/AppName

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