VM & Docker Tabs become unresponsive

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Hello all,


I've had this issue about 3 or 4 times over the last two months. I'll find an issue with my VM and try to restart it, but the VM hangs up and eventually the VM tab does as well. Generally, the docker tab also becomes unresponsive. However, the rest of Unraid seems to work. I end up restarting the entire server and it fixes the problem each time.


I can't remember the exact details of the previous occurrences, but I can provide good detailed account from this morning's event:


> Wake up, try to log into Blue Iris VM with phone but there's no connectivity. So I go over to a desktop, log into Unraid, navigate to the VM tab, and VNC into the VM with no issue. The VM tab & VM itself works fine at this point

> I notice there is no network connectivity inside VM (unraid works fine though). Fiddle around and eventually try to restart VM from within the VM. At this point, it just hangs on the Windows "shutting down" screen

> I go back over to the VM tab that I still have open and do a force stop on the VM. The green circle spins for awhile but never stops, so I refresh the page. Unraid loads but when I click on the VM tab it just hangs up while trying to load. At this point, I can click on other tabs and they function just fine. But every time I click on VMs it doesn't load. 


This time around, I didn't try doing anything with the docker tab so I can't say if it was having issues or not. When this has happened in the past, the docker tab also seemed to have issues.


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