**GUIDE** How to Install Authelia on unRAID

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Had a lot of trouble fining help getting Authelia working on unRAID. Mostly due to my own lack of knowledge. But thanks to some help and time put in, I present you my guide written based on what I did to get it working, alongside NGINX Proxy Manager.


Never used git before but here you go: https://github.com/ibracorp/authelia


If anyone knows how to put an XML on Community Apps for easier finding please let me know I'd be happy to do it.



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I have domain for radarr - radarr.myunraid.ru/

and domain for authelia - authelia.myunraid.ru/

and after go to radarr.myunraid.ru/ page redirect to https://authelia.myunraid.ru/?rd=http://radarr.myunraid.ru/

and i see 403 error.

but if i write https://authelia.myunraid.ru/?rd=httpS://radarr.myunraid.ru/ then that work.

How change config for all urls to redirect https ?





authelia nginx advanced container nginx advanced

authelia nginx 1.png

authelia nginx 2.png

sonar 1.png

sonar 2.png


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add log and config
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@Un1Q thanks for posting the logs and files. 


I see in your Authelia configuration the information is not right. Such as the rules section. Is this on purpose? Currently it shows example.com. which needs to be updated. 


Also, for HTTPS, NGINX Proxy Manager should already be handling this for you. I use Cloudflare too which guarantees the SSL and is free. Perhaps this is something you could set up too.

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I have swag and Authelia containers, I want to jail login attemps from Authelia, but jail.local need to reads Authelia log. I tried to point to Authelia log from swag/jail.local, but it could not find it. How can jail.local read Authelia log?


I want to backup Authelia. I have backup the appdata/authelia and MariaDB. Do I need to backup redis DB? If yes how?

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