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New GPU - errors in logs RmInitAdapter failed

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I installed a new GPU recently into my unraid server, and I have been getting hundreds of these errors in the system log:


NVRM: GPU - RmInitAdapter failed!
NVRM: GPU - rm_init_adapter failed, device minor number 0
NVRM: GPU - Failed to copy vbios to system memory


image.png.d475794f93eb1119e9bb1dac86b27cd8.pngScreen Shot 2020-06-20 at 4.08.14 pm.png


New GPU is a GTX 1660Ti

Running Nvidia UnRaid 6.8.3 with Nvidia 440.59 drivers


I was not having any of these errors with my previous GPU, and I do not have any issues with my new GPU in another two machines when I tested


From what I have been able to see during troubleshooting, is the GPU keeps going online and offline, and as per the video it seems to be when the cached memory in unraid gets all used up, due to file transfers happening. Perhaps there is a tunable of some sort to prevent all the memory from getting used?


I did a screen capture when it was happening, its boring AF but it does show the device going offline and online when the cached memory goes up and down. Keep an eye on the memory usage and the green available sliver at the top.


There seems to be a number of other posts about this, but can't really see that its been resolved.


Any help or suggestions would be appreciated

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2 minutes ago, johnnie.black said:

Best bet is to post on the existing Ndivia plugin support thread:


no worries mate, thanks for the tip :) 


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