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Unraid for Small Business

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Hey fellow unraiders 


with the world all to pot and almost everyone working from home in some way shape or form it has got me to thinking, i'm currently a freelance Draughtsman working for a service company in the oil and gas in the uk but with the price of oil being low i have been looking at branching out to other industries and picking up work via freelancing websites etc. now i have unraid as my homeserver works fantastically but i was thinking in using it to start more company related work or even get a second server for the task basically i want to have myself and maybe a few other individuals 2-3 users that can access the server for file sharing my thoughts were for wireguard for a vpn for the other guys to remote into and some basic dockers like leantime and nextcloud to serve as document managers and project managers maybe even an email server & cloud backup etc would i be right in thinking i would be better to setup a openldap docker and phpldapadmin docker as well to help run all the other programs with one point logins? can unraid also be added to this same openldap docker for accessing the network shares? what would i be best setting up to use as like a intranet web page to create links to the other dockers programs to make it simple to navigate? i also have a google suite account which gives me a domain name but i use duckdns to track my ip


Also i am not overly worried about speed of the pool but as i will be mostly dealing with Autodesk Plant 3d and pointclouds will 6.9 give me the ability to have a pool of ssds with parity rather than spinning disks.


i hope i can gain some experience from you veterans here on how best to go about this.

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I will throw out my boilerplate warning here that in my opinion unRAID is not a suitable business solution (even for small business). At this time the OS appears to be squarely focused at the home user market. Specifically the security, development cycle time, and availability of official documentation and support are not up to snuff for usage in business. Additionally, getting support for more complicated login and security schemes tends to be difficult as very few people tend to use these setups and support is mostly community provided.


One option you might look into for a sort of security/portal page to sit in front of dockers is Organizr (available as a docker). Again its not really meant for business use but I use it for home stuff and it works fairly well.

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I think sky is the limit but will take some upfront work to get all your requirements satisfied.  Start small, one by one, and make sure you have a good backup strategy to recover your work environment in case of need.  I can't speak from experience but I see most of requirements being satisfied by various plugins and dockers.  You may need a beefed up server to run all of this.  If raid file system is not a requirement I would rather go a full Linux distro server more geared toward like small business.   Also depends on your *nix knowledge and appetite to learn on the fly?  Many variables 

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