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Help USB flash backup not working

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Hi all.


So tonight I had to turn off my tower.  When it went to restart  it kept getting stalled on the unraid selection  page during the boot up.   Kept saying the file does not exist ..Would not go past this.  So I turned the tower off again. 


I actually had a usb flash backup made from 2 days ago. As per spaceinvader video.


When I use the USB creation on the local zip  of my backup to recreate the flash drive.  I keep getting stalled.. at same page but this time am  not even seeing any error or messages....



So not sure what to do.   If I create a new usb with creation tool how will I know what drives go where.... 


any help would be great.  I am happy try stuff that won't risk the data....

And can give more info too if needed. 


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Other information   this was on the unraid 6.8.3 .  

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@Squid  Wondering Squid I was able to find an old working zip file(from back in like January) of my flash backup since my new one from a few days ago isn't working..  (this was unfortunately from before i updated my server to the 6.8.3  from i think 6.8.2.. 


Would using this flash older backup cause problems since things are updated to the newer version...  Or is there a way to take data from the old flash backup and copy it over to a newly generated usb from the usb tool...  


I figured I would post this here rather than on @Steiner49er   post --- as It has slightly deviated from where he his problem is at. 


Just not sure what is best option... 

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