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Possible to migrate Digital Ocean droplet to Unraid VM?

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Just looking for ideas on how to accomplish this, and if it's possible.


Essentially, I'd like to move a 2GB Digital Ocean droplet over to a an identical VM running on Unraid.

Is there a backup and restore option that's possible? 

Would I need to create the VM first, and then perform an rsync of the entire drive? 

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followup, here's something I've tried in the meantime, but without success yet.


created a disk image of the droplet via the command:

ssh root@domain.tld "dd if=/dev/vda1 | gzip -1 -" | dd of=image.gz

I unzipped and renamed to vdisk2.img. Moved vdisk2.img to the Unraid server and re-configured VM to use it after setting the correct ownership and permissions on the file.  Tried booting a pre-exisitng Ubuntu 18 VM off of the new image, but it just wants to re-install at Grub.


Any thoughts?

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