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HDD temp 108°C on Syno

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Hi guys,

I just got an issue on my NAS Synology NAS. I know, we are on the Unraid forums... ;)

For some back ground, I'm outgrowning my actual NAS (Syno DS414) and I am spending some time heres to get a good understanding of Unraid before going in. :)


The NAS shut down with a message on my phone about a drive temp too high.

A cleanup and few restarts later same thing. I pulled the drive and it is clearly not at the 97°C or 108°C that Syno claims.


I looked at it with my USB / SATA dock, looks good but no Crystaldiskinfo cannot read the temperature. (see attached diag)

After maybe 20mins in the dock, the drive is barely warm and Crystaldisk reads 98°C ... and temp dropped again after 10 mins.

I suppose that Synology takes no risk, consider max temp and shuts down, OK, I can see the rationale.


Enough rambling, I have questions a few questions :

1- Is there a way to reset this wrong reading ?

2- Will I be able to use the disk on Unraid in the future if it stays like this or I can already discard it ?

3- I am looking at a remplacement drive, probably to schuck an external WD drive, 10To or 12To looks OK. Is there a difference between the My Book, Passeport and Elements ? I think MyBook have Red drives, can you confirm ?


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SMART is reporting a clearly wrong temperature, nothing Sinology can do about that, SMART attributes can't be changed by the user, and you'd have the same issue with Unraid

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Thank you johnnie for the answer. That's what I though, but better ask.

Too bad the temperature sensor failed. :/


Does anyone have any information about the WD external drives ? My Passeport looks like 2.5" so its not useful, however both My Book and Element Desktop seem valid options.

Did some of you tried and have feedback ?

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