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Suggestions for how to best utilize my storage devices

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Unraid Version: 6.9

With the new version of Unraid supporting additional pools in combination with a few other features that I haven't been taking advantage of, I thought this would be a good time to rethink how I'm currently using my storage devices on my server. I would like to run RAID0 on at least 2 of the SSDs if not 3, but I also don't want to make sure they are put to a task that will benefit from the speed increase. I also have an NVME just sitting around at the moment not really doing a whole lot.

The server will primary have 2 VMs running most of the time (although I have a few other I will be switching to). The 1st VM, running windows 10, is mainly used for work, mostly remote access to my offsite office. The other VM, running Ubuntu, will mostly be used for programming, gaming, etc. You could call that 2nd VM the "main" VM. Additionally, I do have a few Docker containers such as Emby, but they are rarely used.

How can I best utilize all the hard drives to maximize performance? I don't mind complex setups so feel free to suggest utilizing the 9p protocol, device passthrough, etc. I look forward to hearing suggestions. Bonus points for anything cool, unique, or different.

1x 1TB HHD
3x 512GB SSDs via SATA
1x 512GB SSD via NVME
(Also one additional HHD that will be dedicated to parity, so no need to consider that)

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