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Multiple Read Errors, can't figure out what is causing it.

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Hi guys,


I have been trying to figure out the past few days what may be causing these read errors that I am getting on whats seemingly to be random drives. I've attached the diagnostic file for reference.


At first, I thought it was just bad disks, but the smart test did not fail. I did a parity-sync to rebuild the array and went on my way. The very next day, I would get multiple disk errors, I figured this can't be a bad disk. I remade the array via the "New Config" method, but now I am getting 5 disk errors, and it seems endless. I was thinking its possibly cabling, so I have ordered replacement cables, but still not sure.


I am hoping if I can seek some assistance in confirming the diagnosis. Thanks in advance.


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7 hours ago, johnnie.black said:

Problems appear to start after the spindown command, try temporarily disabling spindown to see if it makes any difference.

Thank you for the response, per your recommendation, I disabled spin-down and the errors have not occurred since.  Though I am not sure if I like the idea of keeping the drives spun up 24/7, is this good or bad.

For recent changes in hardware, I recently added a SAS Expander, RES2SV240. 4 ports to the HDD backplanes, 2 ports to the LSI 9200 HBA card. Would the SAS Expander be the culprit? I have no SAS drives, all are SATA drives.

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1 minute ago, lolsamsam said:

Would the SAS Expander be the culprit?

My main suspect would be that specific Seagate model (or that disk together with an LSI, it might spindown on a different controller):


Model Family:     Seagate IronWolf
Device Model:     ST12000VN0007-2GS116


It appears only disks from that model had issues, at least this time, also I have multiple LSIs from same/similar models and also use that same Intel expander and there are no spindown issues, you can look for a firmware update for those disks, IIRC Seagate release a new firmware for the 10TB IronWolf model because it had issues with LSI controllers, not sure they apply to the 12TB model.

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