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Missing Shares in WebGUI

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I appear to have a problem with the webgui not showing my shares however the folders on the drives are still intact and accessable via SMB and SSH. If I add a share using the gui the gui responds that the share added was deleted but still creates the folder on the array.


I've done a few reboots with and without docker running and it has not fixed the problem. Running a parity check just in case but I doubt that will change anything. I've attached my diagnostics.


Thanks in advance for the help.

(Note: I'm aware of the temperature alerts on the drives. I recently made the poor choice of upgrading this rig to use the Silverstone CS381 case and the hotswap bays have terrible ventilation. I'll be swapping out the case later)


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This likely happens because of an adblocker or anti-virus program interfering with the display.


Whitelist the GUI if you have an ad-blocker and/or exclude the GUI from the anti-virus program.


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I always run the gui with tracking enabled/ad block off and it's still not not showing shares. I've even tried another brower to confirm and the gui just looks like this:




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Do you have shares enabled?

See Settings -> Global Share Settings -> Enable User Shares


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