6.9.0beta22 Killing Windows 10 VMs connection

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After installing 6.9.0.beta22 and updating the VMs (as per SpaceInvader One video), I can no longer connect to my Windows 10 VMs (via remote desktop). With nVidia video passthrough, I have no VNC.

Before updating the VMs I still could.

The only change would be virtio to virtio-net.

Manually changing it back to virtio did not help, obviously.

So what else has changed?

Also, when booting the VMs they run at 100% (all 6 cores assigned to it).

Of course I could go back to 6.8.3 stable but wish to stay on this one.

Any thoughts?

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1 hour ago, gerard6110 said:

was gone; not mounted!

From the beta release notes:



Note: When you upgrade a server which has a cache pool defined, a backup of config/disk.cfg will be saved to config/disk.cfg.bak, and then cache device assignment settings are moved out of disk.cfg and into a new file, config/pools/cache.cfg.  If later you revert back to a pre-6.9 Unraid OS release you will lose your cache device assignments and you will have to manually re-assign devices to cache.  As long as you reassign the correct devices, data should remain intact.



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To Johnnie: Thanks for the explanation. As going back to pre 6.9 is therefore quite an issue (because of the major system changes), my suggeston would be that upgrading to 6.9 would only be allowed after a backup of the flash drive; at least a big warning to be displayed, like


"WARNING: If you have a cache pool, a flash backup is mandatory, because if going back to pre 6.9 after upgrading to 6.9 you WILL loose your cache pool and therefore possibly all your dockers and VMs (if you have setup your system following our advice; on the cache only)".

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