I Need A New Box. DS380?

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So...my last build, which was a good, many years ago; was back when "bigger was better". The 12-bay (in 2U chassis), (equivalent of the) Norco DS-12D.


I only ever filled, 8 of the drives (parity + 7); for a 21T array.


My 3s, are all near full...and; that build, is too big and noisy. Because of the size and noise...it's in an "unfriendly" place; and is getting too hot, this time of year.


I now want to go 6 or 8s; and therefore...can't imagine, needing more than 6 drives. So...I'm looking for something, a little more compact (and, hopefully, quieter); so I can put it in a spare bedroom or something...and keep the drives reasonable cool, in these hot, Summer months.


Have my eye, on the SilverStone DS-380. Doesn't look like, I'd be able...to re-use ANY of my parts; but...it is what it is.


Having to go, mini-DTX/ITX...and SFX PSU, seems restrictive; but it looks like the best choice...for 6 hot-swaps, and a reasonable form-factor.



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3 hours ago, CDLehner said:

Have my eye, on the SilverStone DS-380

Make sure you do the mods to improve cooling.  This case is notorious for cooling issues but there are some simple solutions documented in these forums and the Internet in general.


I have the big brother to this case (the CS 380) and both use the same hot-swap cages for the HDDs.  It works well and I like the drives all being easily accessible from the front of the CS 380. 


Be very careful in that smaller case to not bump the capacitors.  They stick out at some odd angles from the back of the hot-swap bays and look very fragile.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Yeah; after looking around...I'm not sure there's a case, that really meets my needs.


I think I might keep my case...and re-locate it; somewhere more temperature controlled.


I've taken the top off...plan to move my drives (8) to the 1-4, and 9-12 positions; to give them some breathing room.


I've also, thought about replacing the 80mm back-plane fans. I've shopped around; and noise isn't really a consideration for me.


I was looking, at maybe Noctua NF-A8; but the airflow spec is 55.5 m³/h. Not sure, how that translates...to CFM.


Also...how can I determine, the CFM of my existing case fans? I certainly don't want to replace them, with something that moves less air.

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