How can I compare a newer CPU's 2 thread performance to an older CPU's full performance?

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Hi everyone!


I'm looking for a newer build to replace my s775 server.

In the future, I would like to run "Gaming" VM for very light remote gaming using Parsec. My current gaming pc has an i3-3220 and its performance is nearly enough for me.


Now, I would like to understand that how can I calculate the performance of the assigned "CPU" of that VM? Is there any function for that?


For example, will an i5-8400's 2 thread performance match the i3-3220's full, 2c/4t performance or outperform that? I'm trying to calculate with Passmark's single thread performance score. Like a newer Xeon's 2-4 thread's performance vs a full 4 core old X5450?


If it matters, beside the Windows VM, I'm going to run an Ubuntu VM for mainly a small web server. (Little power is enough for it. Currently running on 2 threads of the X5450 Xeon. Perfect👌🏼) + 5-7 dockers which contain Plex as well. (usually 720p internal stream, barely need to transcode 1080p)


Thank you in advance for your help! I hope, it's understandable. (Sorry for my grammar mistakes, English is not my native language.)

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