$550 Server Grade Budget Build Specs (including storage)

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$550 Server Grade Budget Build Specs (including storage)

Good day folks, shared here is my latest budget build.  Hopefully it helps some of you.


$066 (x2) HDD: (HGST 4 TB renewed, passed preclear) B0863FS37V

$135 (x1) UPS: APC Pure-Sine unit B06VY12HW4

$008 Flash: Sandisk Cruzer Flash Drive B005FYNSZA

$013 (x2) Cables: Mini-SAS to Mini-SAS Cables B011W2F626


$130 (x1) PC: Dell T410 184283026350
$005 (x4) Hot Swap Trays: HDD Drive Tray Caddy For Dell PowerEdge T320 T410 164200180124
$040 (x1) Data Card: Dell Perc H310 IT mode 143326638593

$060 (x1) Unraid OS

PC Includes
2 2 GB of DDR3 ECC ram (in 4 slots)
8 thread E5620 @ 2.40GHz
6 hot-swap 3.5 slots

2 Hot Swap Trays
2 5.25” adjoined slots
2 unused SATA power cables
6 unused SATA data ports
1 16x PCIe slot
4 4x PCIe
open CPU slot with matching 4 ram slots
2 250 GB HDDs (passed preclear fine)
Note that while passthrough works great, any video card will need to either be powered off of the only 2 SATA power cables, or be powered solely by the PCIe slot.

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Latest stable & gt710.  Started up a Windows 10 container.  I first updated the Dell bios. 


I also trimmed the bottom 4 pcie slot so I could fit the longer gpu card in after ensuring I wasn't going to short any pins in doing so. 


I follow Space-Invaders YouTube videos for the config advice & did not need to jump through many hoops to get it working. 


Alas, I built this for a local business that wanted some help and as such it is not now accessible for accessing the config settings. (note gpu selection is picky on what works.... And I believe Dell reserves the x16 slot for a SAS card but I could be wrong) 






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