Help with upgrade process from SSD to NVME

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I'm currently using a 1TB Sata SSD on my unRAID server which stores my dockers and virtual machines, it also is where my torrents download to. The file system is btrfs.

I've purchased a 1TB NVME SSD that I plan to move my dockers and virtual machines to, and the existing 1TB Sata SSD will be only used for torrent downloads/seeding.

My questions are:

1) What is the best way to replace the Sata drive with the NVME drive? There are a lot of small Plex thumbnail files that I assume will take a long time to transfer over.

2) What file system should I be using for this NVME drive? I have read about issues with btrfs and excess writes. I don't want to wear out my NVME drive prematurely. Should I switch to xfs? I want trim enabled on the NVME.






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I'd agree with that. I'm still struggling with this as well as noted in the other thread Energen linked. I thought I had it sorted out by copying most of the data, and then migrating the last bit while Plex was down, but once copied Plex wouldn't start. 


I'm currently compressing the Plex data into a tar file and trying to copy over that way. It looks like I will need around 2 hours to tar the data, but it's not quite done, so I dont' know what the rest of the process will look like.


I don't know what NVMe drive you have, but unless it's a high end SLC or maybe MLC drive it's likely going to be a challenge if you need to move a lot of Plex data. If it's a smaller library it may not be horrible, or as suggested, you can just rebuild it.


At worst, you can do a test run.. use cp or something to copy to the NVMe while Plex is running and see how long the overall process is, and then plan your production move based on those results.

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