Temp for 3700x not working

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I have  IPMI and Dynamix System Temperature.


Tried Dynamix first, but it says temp is 16.8 C... and it cant be that low. 


Tried IPMI, says the same thing. 


Dynamic drivers are k10temp

Sensors  are acpitz  CPU and MB



 I have the Ryzen 3700x and the  x570 Aorus  mini itx from Gigabyte.


 I also installed a P2000.... side note, how can I tell if that is working in unraid? if it is decoding encoding with emby or plex? 








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Thanks for the reply! 


Can you let me know, with the beta, what drivers are being used? is it k10temp?  What are the names of the sensors? acpitz?


Curious, how stable is the beta, and how do you upgrade to it? 


Thanks again!



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On 7/11/2020 at 4:20 PM, juan11perez said:

Mine only works with unraid beta. New kernel 

Out of interest, what kind of idle temps do you show?  When I upgraded to the new beta, my temps show insane high numbers, like 90 degrees C at idle.  But I have a thread ripper 1950x - which reported correctly before the beta.

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