How do I make changes to "/usr/share/libvirt/cpu_map/x86_features.xml" permanent?

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In trying to find the best way to get past the Ryzen 3000 bug with Win10 giving "KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE"


I found this post:


I have posted about this before in the beta22-thread and how I solved with changeing host-passthrough to host-model.


But it seems that the solution given in the linked post is a more "accurate" one so I tried that as well and it works and it doesn't break my Nvidia-GPU passthrough either, but at each reboot my changes to "/usr/share/libvirt/cpu_map/x86_features.xml" reverts to the original state thus breaking my VM's again.


So how can I make the changes I made to that file become permanent?

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