Moving files from Win VM to Array Maxes CPU's

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Having some strange problems recently with moving files to my Array from the Windows VM.


My system has 32GB of RAM, a Ryzen 2700X CPU, etc.

The windows VM is installed on its on NVME drive, and transferring files is to the Cache drives on the server (2 SSD's in RAID)


When moving a file to the array (via Network Map share), it will virtually max the 3 cores & 3 threads on the Unraid Server, and the Windows VM will actually become glitchy as if its struggling for speed.


This is a new problem for me, and scratching my head as to what could be potentially causing it..


Edit: Also notice jittering in the VM when downloading a file at full speed since getting FTTP broadband which is downloading > 70MB / s... (But not obviously impacting CPU usage in Unraid)


Any suggestions?

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