pfSense Docker with Ryzen

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Here are the issues and solutions I found to run pfSense in a docker on unRaid.


First, I followed Spaceinvader One's 8 Part tutorial series below. Fair warning; I encountered a hardware problem read below. Also, in Part 3 using a Ryzen CPU solved below. Reference:





FIRST, problem... The system would not recognize the Intel NIC I purchased. (eBay: Intel NIC lottery amite?:)


I would stay away from the INTEL EXPI9404PTL PRO/1000 PT as it was never recognized by unRaid. Search the forums, plenty of issues with it.


After additional research. I purchased a Dell Quad Port NIC part number: 0H092P for approx $25 + tax/shipping/etc.. Recognized right away!


Here is a nice resource from serve-the-home to help find the right one for you. This read helps you better understand counterfeit vs real when browsing eBay using the part number for i350 cards. Obviously, it is not fool proof but some knowledge in an unfamiliar area helps!




<<--Public service announcement!!!-->>

This should be general knowledge but if you do not know here it is.  1) Make sure your IOMMU groups are separated. 2) Make sure you go into the XML and edit the controller to say multifunction='on' ..etc etc etc... Spaceinvader One talks about it in some of his other videos but here is a read if you prefer that instead.




SECOND problem. Now that your hardware is playing nicely with unRaid, its the software side of things. (Ryzen Specific)


For whatever reason when you run the pfSense docker it starts to hang. pfSense does not play nicely with Ryzen out of the box.


Solution: XML View, Edit CPU section.

Delete most of it and copy format listed below. Make sure to account for the cores &  threads you have chosen to assign.

<cpu><topology sockets='1' cores='2' threads='2'/></cpu>







Now you should be able to follow Spaceinvader One Tutorials 3-8 no problem.



Specs of my build that pertain to this guide:

UnRaid Version: 6.8.3

pfSense 2.4.5

Ryzen 2600

AsRock Rack X470D4U2-2T

Intel Quad Port PCIe Ethernet Server Adapter Dell PN: 0H092P




Unraid using Ryzen not working/freeze/crashing/hung/hanging in pfsense docker.


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