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How to correctly backup an UnRAID server? (Full backup of everything)

I read about different techniques (rsync, rclone, Duplicacy, ...) and decidet to use `Duplicacy` for my own shares.

But what about the VMs, the docker config files and the UnRAID configuration itself?


In the end I need a backup routine that generates backups for the emergency of a full server lose.

So it must be possible with little or huge effort to grab a backup and recover the full server with all docker configurations, UnRAID settings made, own personal files, ...


So currently Duplicasy syncs the main personal share with the user files. The plugin `Backup/Restore Appdata` generates a appdata backup onto the user share that is also after that backuped with Duplicasy.

And the rest? Is it necessary to back up the full root `/`? Or how can I specify everything I need but not everything that is out there (my configs of docker images are interesting, but not the docker container itself because that can be downloaded again).


How does full UnRAID backups work? What software or methods do you use in a real life scenario?


(My 20TB UnRAID share is in daily use and a second 20TB server is in another building with 100Mbit connection. Not the fastest yet, but that should not concern in my question. Let's say, there is a backup server with enouph space and I want to backup my configs in order not to lose anything in an emergency.)

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