Lost 1 data disk and 2nd parity disk

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At the same moment, I woke to find that my disk 7 and 2nd parity drives are disabled. I read where if you can remove everything from a drive you can shrink the array without losing parity protection. But in my case I would have to shrink the array by 8TB AND remove the second parity disk. Can I do this or should I simply do a new config and rebuild parity, effectively putting my data at risk until it completes? Any help is appreciated. 


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The whole point of dual parity is to allow 2 disabled disks to be rebuilt. Since you have dual parity you can just rebuild both disk7 and parity2.


Neither disk currently reporting SMART. Check all connections, SATA and power, including splitters, then post new diagnostics.

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Thanks @trurl. The first thing I started to do was shut down all applications that could try to write to the disks and used unbalance to move all from disk 7. While that was happening, the docker service stopped even though unbalance was continuing to run normally. So I let that complete today. I have a RMA for the 8TB drive to WD (which has 28 days of warranty left) so I'm inclined to return it and get a new one. But if I can shrink the array, I'm ok with that. I can always add space later. It's the second parity that is giving me concerns. I have never done any of this. But here (https://wiki.unraid.net/Shrink_array) on the "Clear Drive, then Remove Drive method" looks very much like I would like to do. So I'm thinking for now, I'm going to shutdown and see if I can even get some emulated drives after restarting. Then I'll post new diagnostics. Maybe I'll be able to see SmartData after that.  Thanks for your quick responses!

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11 minutes ago, Wayne66 said:

not disable the drive so it will rebuild

disabled drives is what it rebuilds. It won't attempt to rebuild a disk that isn't missing or disabled.


To rebuild to the same disk:

  1. Stop array
  2. Unassign disabled disk
  3. Start array with disabled disk unassigned
  4. Stop array
  5. Reassign disabled disk
  6. Start array to begin rebuild


The method is the same whether rebuilding data or parity, parity calculation is the same and gives the data for the missing disk. Since you have dual parity, you can do both at once.

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Ok. It's rebuilding content now. I'm thinking I'm going to let it get healthy and then shrink or maybe I'll have a new drive to install, so I can return the 8tb. Or just chalk it up to a $7.50 lesson and let the rma expire. I should have posted here before going down that road. Oh well. Thanks for your help and I'll let you know the outcome. 😀


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