Is it possible to enable cache for only a specific directory within a share?


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Hi all, 


I have a system with only a small cache SSD, which is mainly used for VMs. 

There is around 50gb free on that SSD, and the array has 90tb with one folder containing a large amount of stock music MP3s that I'm regularly adding to. 


I'm getting horrifically slow performance adding to this folder, and it essentially locks up the system trying to move the files to it. 

The main share cannot be cached as I'm adding large raw video files to it, which would fill the cache immediately before the mover can empty the cache SSD, so is there a way to enable caching for a specific folder within a user share only? 




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The answer to your question is NO.


If you want Unraid to manage some files differently than other files, you put them in their own user share and configure the share appropriately.


I recommend not caching anything during the initial data load. If your cache is as small as you say, I recommend not using it to cache user share writes and just save it for VMs and dockers.


If you want further advice, post your diagnostics

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