Need advice on how to upgrade.


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Hi everyone. I have finally accepted the fact that it is time for me to upgrade my original 2013 build to a solution that supports more disks (16+). I am also completely ignorant to the current state of hardware and what is hot. The good thing is that I really only use Unraid for network storage and downloading.


Part of me wants to stay with a tower to keep it small and pleasant to look at, but I am probably leaning towards a rack mount chassis that supports 16+ 3.5" drives. I would like recommendations on what to do with the old hardware. Anyone have ideas on how to use it in a new build?

Gear List:

Asus F1A75-V PRO

AMD A8-3870 3.3GHz APU
2x4GB DDR3

LSI SAS Card Flashed to IT Mode + 2 x (SAS -> 4 SATA breakout cables)

2x ICY DOCK 4 in 3 Hotswap Cage

Rosewill 4 bay hot swap 2.5"
Xigmatek Elysium Tower Chassis

Rosewill 550W SMPS
ZALMAN 120mm CPU Fan

14 x 3.5" Spinning disks

4 x 2.5" SSD


I have an additional tower as well as an HP blade chassis that runs Proxmox with most of my VMs/containers. I use my Unraid machine for downloading, network storage, and backups (of course).


I would like at least 16 bays (preferably hot swap). My budget is around $500-$600 for a chassis and components. I have a feeling that may put me in the used market?

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