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Issues after adding cache drive

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Followed space invaders video on adding cache drive. Don't use VMs. Stopped all dockers and then disabled docker in settings. Ran Move. Once complete, enabled docker. 
1) APPDATA still exists on array. Pretty much only folder name and supervisord.log exists though the plex folder has more directories below the parent. I was under the impression these would all disappear

2) Dockers no longer showed. Reinstalled using apps/previous apps but Radarr and Sonarr wouldn't work. Restored backup and they started working but no movies or tv shows existed. Had to import from existing series to get those back

3) Decided to delete docker.img per space invader video and google. Reinstalled apps again and again Radarr and Sonarr wouldn't work until I restored a backup.

4) docker.img keeps growing. Set to 20. It kept rising in size. I think it got up to about 49G before I started setting it higher manually. Container size would suggest all dockers should easily fit in the original 20.
5) Related to 1 above. I probably shouldn't have done it but I removed the sonarr folder from the appdata folder on the array. Lost all my indexers and download clients. If APPDATA was properly moved to the cache drive, how could this happen?


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