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System inaccessible after unclean shutdown

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I attempted to update from 6.9 rc1 to 6.9 rc25 today and it failed writing to image (maybe USB key?).  I attempted to reboot from the webgui and the system froze.  I had to powercycle.  


The system boots back up, I get the unraid GUI login prompt and have a keyboard mouse hooked up.  It allows me to login but it appears that the network is not working.  I'm not able to get to localhost from mozilla (within GUI) and I cannot ping my system from another terminal.  I am able to bring up the command line from the console, but honestly have no idea where to begin with unraid (I do have linux familiarity but the linux side looks fine to me).


My concern is the USB key?  Should I yank it out and run a test from windows?  I do run a backup job for the USB key which is on an external hard drive plugged into the unraid server.  Before removing the USB key (which is inside the server), is there anything I can do from the command line first on the console?


thank you

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14 minutes ago, birdsofprey02 said:

anything I can do from the command line first

Use the command


and hopefully the diagnostics will get written to flash. Then you can


put flash in your PC, get those diagnostics to post on the forum.


Do you have a recent backup of your flash drive?

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Although the diagnostics command said it ran and put something in /boot, it does not appear to have written to the usb.  I mounted both my external HDD and my usb key to ubuntu and both are mounted.  They look identical other than some FSCK000x files that don't completely match.  My CA backup app was set to backup weekly.  


When I had the USB key in my unraid server I didn't see much in /boot other than a config folder with ssl and wireguard folders.  When I plug it into ubuntu vm and mount, I see what appears to be all files in-tact.  


Not sure where to go from here.

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Ok, I didn't see any difference in files or folders between my backup and the USB key.  I put the USB key back in my unraid server and booted into safe mode and everything came up.  I rebooted in normal mode and all is well.  Still glad my backups work, that was the first time I really investigated.  The only thing really different was this time I did a full shutdown and unplugged power so I could take cover off case and remove usb key from mobo.  Not sure if that did it?


Does anyone have CA Backups send them an e-mail notification?


Is there anything I can do to check the health of my usb key?  (preferrably while the system is running).  Are the FSCK files ok?

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