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[solved] Clean reboot -> Unmountable: No file system on 1 disk

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Running version 6.8.3. Drive has been in the array for a week or two with no problems. Some dockers started acting flaky (couldn't connect to their WebGui) but didn't see any errors anywhere, just not responsive. Tried just restarting them, no dice. Tried disabling and re-enabling Docker itself, no dice. So I opted for a complete Unraid reboot. Rebooted from the Main tab. Everything went fine. Even the dockers starting functioning properly. Then I noticed the unmountable error.


Didn't want to try anything drastic without asking here first. Diagnostics attached.


Thanks in advance for any and all help!

2020-07-31 20_51_43-UnraidGill_Main.png

2020-07-31 20_52_24-UnraidGill_Main.png


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Thanks, I'll give that a try. Just didn't want to do anything before getting advice as it is the first real issue I've had with Unraid and have been running it for years!


Thanks again, I'll report back whether that resolves it or not.

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