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SSD cache drive dying from excessive writes

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I have a Crucial MX500 250GB SSD that I've been using as my cache drive. I installed it about a year ago and unRAID is reporting that is failing. SMART data being reported:


Power on hours - 8646

Total LBAs Written - 158.34 TB

Percent Lifetime Remain  - 99 (Failing Now)


I do not use the cache drive for writing file to the array (no mover). I simply use it to run Dockers. I do run quite a few of them and I have tried to troubleshoot the particular container causing the issue but I just can't seem to to find it. The containers I'm running are:


















I have tried stopping them all and starting each one by itself to see if one is the main culprit but they all perform writes at least every minute or so (or more often). And it just seems as thought all them running at the same time just adds up. All of the media ay of my containers downloads goes straight to another drive.  But there has to be a way to keep them from killing an SDD in about a year, right?


My cache is a single drive (XFS) and I am running 6.8.3 Any ideas.

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And you're sure it's xfs? Either way you can use iotop (install de nerdpack plugin) to and then try to find out which docker(s) is writing so much.

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