High Motherboard temps - 80c+

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Hello All - I am experience high Motherboard temps whenever I start a Win10 VM, and sometimes when idle.


My typical idle temps, are 45c CPU, and 57-60c mobo.  This by itself feels high.

If I have 1 or 2 plex streams running, temps may raise a degree or 2, but nothing that worries me.


The issue comes whenever I start a Win10 VM.  It is a basic web browsing VM that my wife RDPs to from a chromebook so she can work in a windows ecosystem.  It has 4 cores, and 6 GB RAM.


Whenever it is running, my temps go up to 60c CPU and 80c mobo, and hold there until I stop the VM, and almost immediately drop back to 50 / 70.


I am using the Dynamix System Temp plugin.  I used the auto-driver download and it has me on coretemp jc42 drivers.


My disk temps mostly idle between 25c-35c.  Cache SSD spikes sometimes if I am moving a lot of data and forget to turn off cache.


Please see below snapshots for other server / system details.


I would really appreciate any feedback on this issue.  Its been frustrating me because I.mnot comfortable leaving my VM always on, which i would like to be able to do so my wife doesn't have to tell me when she needs to use it.


Case: Rosewill 4u 15 bay - stock fan setup.











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You probably picked the wrong sensor for Motherboard temperature.

The "Sensors" section is where you are supposed to pick which of the various sensors correspond to your motherboard (and CPU).

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