2nd drive failed during rebuild

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I had shutdown my Unraid while we were gone for vacation and upon rebooting, Drive 5 was labelled as missing. I purchased a new drive, replaced drive 5 and started a parity rebuild. Almost immediately, drive 4 started having read errors and eventually dropped off.


What are my options at this point and what are suggestions to proceed?



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1 hour ago, magnumpraw said:

Drive 5 was labelled as missing. I purchased a new drive

Possibly this was due to some problem other than an actual failed disk. Connection issues are far more common than bad disks. Perhaps it wasn't even necessary to buy another disk.


Disk4 isn't showing up in SMART in those diagnostics. Often when mucking about inside the case, such as when replacing a disk, the connections of other disks will be disturbed. Possibly this is what has happened here.


Shutdown, check all connections, all disks, SATA and power, both ends, including any splitters.


Reboot and post new diagnostics.

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Since you have a replacement disk, rebuild to the replacement and keep the original in case there is a problem rebuilding.


You could try to rebuild to the original if you want instead if you would rather return the new disk, for example.


In either case, you should rebuild the data and not parity.



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