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My first, and second Unraid build

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1st Build

Unraid 6.8.2 Pro

Asus Z9PE16/2DL

2x Intel Xeon E5-2697 V2s (2.7GHz 12core)


10x 2TB WD Red/WD Green/Hitachi drives

6x 240GB SSDs (ZFS raid array for VMs)

2x 120GB SSDs (for cache drive)

2x EVGA 1070s (that happened to be watercooled...)




these pictures were in the original case. I took the 2080 ti out and put it my main machine, and swapped to the 2x 1070s.


after that, I decided to upgrade the case. I dont have a picture of it, but I had a thermaltake tower 900 case with 2 waterlines coming over to this one to cool the 1070s. The case will become a desk PC... essentially....


the PC on the right is the UnRaid Server.





OK, that was the first build. the lower processor's watercooling line worked loose as I moved this 350lb thing around and it got the cpu and mobo wet. POP!!!


because all of my VMs are on there (for work) I needed to scramble and get a new motherboard that day. they dont stock those anymore lol, which leads me to server #2. 

Asus TRX40-Pro Prime

AMD Threadripper 3990x


10x Seagate Exo Enterprise 16Tb Drives

6x 240GB SSDs (My VMs)

2x NVME 1Tb Drives for Cache.


2x 1070s

Marvell Dual SFF-8087 controller card.......whoops


I ended up swapping out that marvell card for a supermicro one which with the 8 onboard ports and 2x M.2 slots, that gives me my 18 drives again. d

due to the slot spacing on the board, I had to put the HBA in upside down.



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I also think build desk PC, because I want save space. A simple mod could be mod on existing desk, open a big square on desktop then mount the 3U rack case under it with remove the top cover ...... but top glasses need thick enough.

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