Updated to 6.9 beta 25. Ca no longer start Windows VM with GPU passthrough

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After realising I needed to upgrade to beta25 for my new B550 MB to work, I have since not been able to boot up any of my VM's (through VNC or GPU).

I found a post about fixing my XML to 'host-model' instead of 'host-passthrough' which managed to get my VM booted into VNC.

When I have then gone to change my graphics to my GPU, it wants to add it as a secondary graphics card and use VNC as the primary.

This is incredibly frustrating as I am now going on 2 days of not being able to properly use my VM....

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Not sure if you ever resolved this, but I figured I would reply as I ran in to the exact same problem. Ever since upgrading to 6.9, the gui config will not allow me to remove the vnc graphics card. You can do one of two things:


1) Add your passthrough as a secondary card. Then VNC into the the VM and disable the vnc graphic adapter in the device manager. I mirrored the displays before doing the disable. 




2) Remove the VNC graphic adapter in the XML. I just deleted the xml out for the vnc adapter and saved and it now works as expected.


Hope this helps.

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