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USB3.1 type-c passthrough to VM - advice before i buy

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Goal: Linux VM with single docking hub over usb-c 3.1 gen2 to hook up:

  • mouse
  • keyboard
  • full HD (no 4K) monitor
  • speakers (single jack)
  • card reader


Motherboard: asrock Z170A-X1/3.


I know:

  1. the differences between usb 3.0, 3.1 gen1 (5gb/s), 3.1 gen2 (10gb/s), thunderbold 3.
  2. my motherboard does indeed have a true usb3.1 type-c gen2 chip with 10g/s speed. (NOT thunderbolt 3)
  3. i can pass through the asmedia 'asm1142' usb3.1 chip to the linux VM. USB storage works, detects sticks/drives.
  4. that the usb3.1 chip or motherboard or bios or OS or dock or cable or all of them must support 'ALT MODE' in order to carry video and sound signal and not just data.



Questions before i buy:


  1. ALT MODE: I cannot find any indication the 'alternate mode' is supported by the motherboard or bios. In fact, i still don't know where to look. Is this a motherboard, chip, bios, OS, dock or cable option? Or is this part of the 'GEN2' standard functions? If i cannot get this figured out then all of the other questions don't matter.
  2. GPU PASSTHROUGH: i assume i have to pass through a gpu as well?
  3. CABLE: i can't seem to find a 10m usb-c gen2 cable. Also, almost all dock's or hub's have a fixed cable attached to the dock so i will need an extension (male-female) rather then just a long cable (male-male).
  4. OTHER: Are there other things i must look into?


What i need:


  1. DOCK: currently i have my eye on this Juiced ChockDOCK v2.
  2. CABLE: haven't looked into it yet.


The initial idea was to upgrade to 10gb network between the server and pc so i could have faster transfer speeds. But then i realized that i still have plenty of resources (cpu/ram/ssd) left to setup a VM and use it as a replacement for our home-pc. This way i dont have to worry about transfer speeds.


Anyone who thinks this might work?






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