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Ken R.

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This machine is to take some of the load off of my existing (2 Parity 44tb, i7-920, P6X58D MB, 18 gig ram) unraid server of about 10 years now.  The plan is to add drives as needed, I'll start with the 8tb exos seagates.


I don't run much, it's a headless box that will just run a few dockers (Medusa/SAB/plex/ESPHome, maybe a VM or two but no gaming or such.  I would need to pass through things like USB.  I might retire another machine and run a light weight windows VM too which would need a GPU passthrough.


Here is a link to https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Q6tYvW


Any thoughts?  Oh two cases listed in there, not sure which I'd go with yet.  I'll add SATA cards as needed once I exceed the MB SATA.  It would be nice to watch a stream, download and post process at the same time - something I could never do on the other machine (had to pause DL while PP or the stream would buffer)





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Where are you looking for ECC? Because it's everywhere........


Looks like a good build.. you probably don't need a 750W power supply though, cost wise might not make much of a difference to get a lower wattage one but 750 is probably overkill.


You may not be concerned about it, but the board has no IPMI.  It's like half a server board and half a consumer board. Like it can't make up it's mind what it wants to be.  You may not want or need IPMI, but .... if so...

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Kingston ValueRAM 32 GB (2x16) was the only ram I saw on PCPart Picker and none for 16 gb (2x8) - I did not dig any deeper, just assumed its a covid thing.


No, your right, IPMI was not a consideration.


I sized the PWR supply assuming 14 drives and a dedicated GPU just in case, again, the selection was not great.



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