How is unraid with a 3900 or 3950x?

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Does unraid like intel or amd better?



I would not base the decision on what UnRAID (really the Linux kernel) “likes better”, base it on which best meets your needs.


Each has its advantages.


AMD will give you more cores/threads for the same or lower price than Intel and often at a lower TDP. There are a few gotchas which are fixed by BIOS tweaks and there are many happy Ryzen users running UnRAID; especially the later generations.


With Intel you get many more CPU choices with integrated GPUs and a more mature platform but at a higher cost compared to AMD. Intel is probably a somewhat better choice for VMs, but it all depends on what you want to do with them and hardware pass through needs.


The bottom line is that either will work with UnRAID, but the “best” choice comes down to your server needs.



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