Help with SMART error during parity check

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During a recent parity check I received a notification about a SMART error on one of the disks (below).  I observed no other issues (read/write errors, etc.) and the parity check completed successfully without any errors or corrections.  Despite being ~8 years old the drive itself is fine according to SMART, with no reallocated sectors or pending, etc., and a subsequent parity did not trigger this error again (although I did move all data off the disk just in case so not sure if that is why...).  I searched the forums and seems this error is less of a concern unless I am observing other issues.


Any suggestions on what I do?  Would it be wise to swap the drive and then do some pre-clears on it to confirm there are no issues?  Thanks in advance!


Here is the error I received for reference:

Event: Unraid Disk 1 SMART health [1]
Subject: Warning [TOWER] - raw read error rate (failing now) is 4294933651
Description: Hitachi_HDS723020BLA642_MN1220F327PH3D (sdc)
Importance: warning

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1 hour ago, BRiT said:

Its far easier and better to be proactive in data health than be reactive and have to hope for recovery working 100%.

And to add to this point, if another disk failed and you still had this disk in the array, you might not be able to recover either. In order to reliably rebuild every bit of a missing disk, all bits of parity PLUS all bits of all remaining disks must be reliably read.

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