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Hi guys


I´m having trouble booting into the GUI.

I´ve tried both the latest stable and the beta.


I´ve tried both legacy boot and UEFI


The system boots, I see the BIOS splash screen, and all the activity when Unraid boots but when the GUI is supposed to run there is just a blinking underscore. The system is running, I can access it via web and if I turn the power off it shuts down normally.

However if I use a dedicated graphics card the gui loads as it should.


Windows boots fine and all graphics work fine.


I´ve tried lots of setting in the BIOS put I must be missing something somewhere

Any Idea?



The system is:

Gigabyte B460M DS3H


16gb ram





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Having the same problem.


Motherboard: Asus B460M-A

CPU: i5 10400

Ram: 16gb


I've tired with no success to enable CSM (Compatibility Support Module) as a work around, It appears the Asus bored has locked out that option. I thought about changing Motherboard to a Gigabyte B460M DS3H, I'm glad I found this post. I'd tire using the non UEFI for the download and enable CSM see if that works?

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Fixed it.


To enable CSM (Compatibility Support Module) on the Asus B460M-A you'll need to have an independent Graphic card. The integrated GPU in the CPU stop the motherboard option (CSM (Compatibility Support Module)) from lighting up (Been able to Selecting the option). I'm using the GTX 285 for now I'll be purchasing the ASUS GeForce GT 710 2GB due much better power consumption. I have no reason believe this wouldn't work on other motherboard with Chipset B460M.  


Note I still loaded the O.S. (unRaid) to USB using uefi (select in costume option via the downloader) and enable CSM in the bios for the GUI. 

I hope this helps, !!!Peace!!!

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