unraid as NAS and hypervisor

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Hi all,


I am pretty new to unraid and as I want to build up a new home server, I would like to use unraid for the following use cases:

- 24/7
- VPN Server (OpenVPN or WireGuard)
- piHole
- NAS for network shares an backups

- photoprism for backup of mobile devices and cameras
- IOBroker
- EcoDMS
- unifi Controller
- AD Controller
- Survilance Server (Zoneminder or something different)


I have created 3 different hardware setups. Which one would you choose an why?


- Ryzen 5 3600x:


Would it be better to choose a Ryzen 7 pro 4750 over a Ryzen 5 3600x


- Xeon E 2224:



- Core i3 9100:



Thank you in advance!


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