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I'm a recent unRaid convert and I've been doing my best to secure my server from all the baddies out there. 


I have Cloudflare protecting my server via reverse-proxy. 


I wanted to enquire as to how the rest of you are securing your servers, not specifically remote access, but in general? 

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Do not expose it to the internet at all, only trusted users can get on the internal network, not having any mapped drives to unraid from other pcs, all shares exposed only as readonly and have all major data files marked as immutable.

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Good call on making files as immutable, I'll certainly look into that. 


Other than ports 80, 443 & 51820, I have everything closed. I'm able to fully access my server via Wireguard, other than that, Emby, Sonarr, Radarr, Bitwarden and Nextcloud are the only other things accessible via reverse proxy and are password protected.

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