[6.9.0-beta25] Added to Cache pool and have problems?

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I added a 250 GB NVME to my current 1TB NVME for cache by adding it to the cache pool. I wasn't aware it would reduce the "size" of the cache and started getting Out of Space errors. I set all my shares to "Yes" for cache and invoked Mover, then unassigned the 250GB drive and checked with Krusader that there was nothing on there other than the docker.img file. 

I set the Cache slots back to 1 and started up the Array. My Cache still says it is 625GB now instead of the original 1TB, and shows only 28GB free. 

I've rebooted unRAID, used Scrub and Balance, and rebooted again, but it still shows my Cache pool as 625GB. How do I get back to the 1TB?

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I'll be sure to remember to do that next time.

I grew impatient and tried to fix it myself by unassigning the 250GB NVME and then formatting it. That caused the 1TB drive to say the file system was corrupt, so I had to nuke it too. Sadly I lost all my dockers and VMs (I'll be sure to use the AppData backup tool now!) but that ended up solving another issue as when I rebuilt my Win10 VM the GPU passthrough worked, so I can play games now :)

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The default for cache pool is btrfs raid1 mirror. So if you put both of those in the same pool then your total capacity would only be the smaller of the 2 drives.


If your intention was to have their capacity added together then you want Single mode:


39 minutes ago, duffbeer said:

I grew impatient and ... lost all my dockers and VMs


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