Can not change MTU (GUI goes offline, but webterminal works)


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I tried to change my unraid network mtu setting to 9000 and I tested 2000 as well. But after hitting the Apply-button it does not finish loading the page. As I parallel leave the webterminal window open I was able to reset the MTU as follows:

ifconfig eth0 mtu 1500

After that the GUI loads again. My Netgear GS110EMX has a maximum MTU of 10240:



My windows pc looks good as well:


netsh interface ipv4 show interfaces

Idx     Met         MTU          State                Name
---  ----------  ----------  ------------  ---------------------------
  1          75  4294967295  connected     Loopback Pseudo-Interface 1
 11          15        9000  connected     Ethernet 3


I shutdown the server and checked the network.cfg and it only adds the MTU[0]="9000" setting as expected. Could this be driver related? (Aquantia QNAP 10GBe RJ45 card)

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