97238 parity errors and errors in disk log


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I started a parity test yesterday and it just finished, with 97238 errors!!!

I am not seeing any problems in the smart data and I ran a short test on each drive and they all passed.

I am also noticing lots or errors and warnings in disk log information. Not sure what to do or how to approach this now - can anyone point me in the right direction? It has been 100+ days since the previous parity test, but that one completed without issue. Since then, I have moved homes, so maybe something happened in the move? Really appreciate any help anyone can give. I've attached diagnostics zip file - hopefully I've done that right.


After getting diagnostics file I shut down, unplugged and replugged all sata connections and have started some long smart tests. I check disk log info and parity drive is showing some errors, as is another drive. sigh...




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1 minute ago, trurl said:

Check connections, SATA and power, both ends, including any splitters. Don't bundle SATA cables. Make sure connectors sit squarely on connections with enough slack so they stay that way. 

I've unplugged sata on both sides, though didn't do power on both sides and plugged in again. what does bundling sata cables mean?

Things seemed OK but I will take apart again and see. I've confirmed that he ports I'm using are the intel ports.

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Hmm. I tried a few things and so far what seems to have worked was taking out the molex to 5x sata splitter (only connected to 4 drives) that I had the drives running off of and having them powered straight off the sata connections from the actual power supply (I'm down to enough drives that I can do that now). Not sure why that would be the issue all of a sudden, but so far it seems that may have been it. Will do more testing.

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Just to update this, removing the molex to sata adapter that was in place and using the power supply cables and issues went away. Ran another parity test and had errors that got corrected (uncorrected due to issues from before) and then a subsequent parity test without issues. I don't actually think it is the cable but more likely that the power supply deteriorating and no longer being able to handle all the drives spinning up at once on the one rail. I'm moving to another case anyways, so I will be putting in a better/bigger power supply. 


Thank you for your support, @trurl - I think it would have taken me a long time to suspect power might have been the issue.

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