System hanging (could be hardware failure)


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My system is crashing everyday (or close to it). I have been dumping the syslog to flash, and the only two things that look suspicious are spindowns as the last entry before a crash and this close to crashes: 

smbd[29103]: [2020/08/21 16:33:11.252540,  0] ../../lib/param/loadparm.c:415(lp_bool)
smbd[29103]:   lp_bool(no): value is not boolean!


Not sure if the second thing is related at all. Also not sure if related to beta or not. But, since running beta 25, thought would start here.


Planning on a heart-lung transplant (power supply and CPU cooler) upgrade to rule out overheating (not likely as temps don't get over 50C, but they are hotter than they should be), and power failure (old power supply). Am hoping it is software related though so it can be a quick fix. Next step would be full MB-CPU replacement.....

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