I cant seem to start or recover my VM

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Hey all as a result of a power outage and my UPS not configured right i had an ungraceful shut down and when i recovered both my docker engine and my vms would not start.

With the help of a couple of gentleman from the forums I did get my Docker service up and running but i can't get my VM ...i do not have a copy of the xml file but i do have a copy of my libvirt image and my vdisk 

How do i get my old vm back?? I tried to mess around with it looking at blog posts but now, although i have turned off and back on VM settings, i keep getting the Libvirt Service failed to start.

I am attaching a copy of my diagnostic file 

Any help is greatly appreciated

Thank you in advance



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Taking a quick look into your diagnostic files, there seems to be a problem mounting the libvirt image cause you don't have enough free space in your cache drive, there are a lot of "Sep 5 20:01:16 Tower root: mount error\nSep 5 20:01:16 Tower shfs: share cache full", probably a good idea to disable the mover temporary, set the Min Free Space setting for the cache a little above and run a balance.

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