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Hello all,


Initially I used Letsencrypt for my reverse proxy then I switched to NginxProxyManager and found it easier to use as I did not have to edit the config files. Today however I tried to switch back as I very much want to use Fail2ban.


Upon disabling NginxProxyManager and during the process of setting up Letsencrypt/Swag, whenever I attempted to connect to one of my three remote services (bitwarden, emby or nextcloud), I would be redirected to "".


A quick Google search reports that this is potentially malware. Upon checking Cloudflare, I noted the below attempts to access my site during the past 24hrs.




I don't know if these are some kind of false positives, or something I should be genuinely concerned about, regardless, I have switched back to NginxProxyManager. 


Anyone have any ideas what caused this? For reference, I was redirected to "" on both devices I tried and no malware has been found on either. 


Furthermore, any suggestion(s) to get Fail2ban setup on its own would be greatly appreciated. 

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