Drive disappeared midway through preclearing but still finished


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I connected two new (old to me, but haven't been used with unraid) 8TB drives through my system and was running a preclear (via the docker) on them: "sdb" was connected to a new LSI card that I got (ie: haven't used before - this preclear was intended to be part of the test) and "sdg" which is connected to the intel controller on the motherboard. The sdb drive disappeared from the unassigned devices list on the "main" tab in unraid midway through the preclear, for some reason, but it still finished successfully, and it still gets listed when I run the " -l" command, and the " -t /dev/sdb" command will still read it and confirm that preclear finished on it. The sdg drive is still listed but hasn't finished yet and was/is going significantly slower.


I haven't rebooted or anything (since preclear is still running on sdg) but I'm not sure whether I need to be concerned about the LSI card ( LSI-9200-8i from China off ebay) or if this just sometimes happens - obviously I wouldn't want the drive dropping out of the array. Any thoughts?

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