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hey guys having an issue with my server.   i was trying to setup an rclone from my unraid server to my freenas server that are connected via VPN.   I made a script that copied everything from my /ServerBackups to // which i mapped to a SMB share.   the script started throwing up errors about running out of space which is weird as i have a ton of space on my Freenas server. 


Then i get the following screen trying to login.   All my disks are not showing up, it looks like my config is totally gone. 


Hoping someone can help me recover.


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was able to SSH in and reboot, seems better now.  it started a parity check, not sure if i need one.  this is the rclone i was trying to run..


rclone -vv sync  "/mnt/user/ServerBackups/" //


and attached is a picture of my SMB mount of a freenas share at my folks house.  it's weird that it says free 0



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