unraid crashing

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i've had unraid for a few years now but for the past few months it just keeps freezing on me and i have to hard reboot it 

i started saving the syslog to the flash drive a few days ago the 1st crash was on the 7th the another on the 10th and today it did freeze but firefox wouldn't work and none of my computers saw it on the network 


when i read the log i look for "microcode: microcode updated early to revision" and that's the first log that i see when i reboot my server after it freezes 


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On 9/11/2020 at 10:49 AM, JorgeB said:

Macvlan call traces are usually cause by dockers with a custom IP address, more info here, also issues with the NICs, but might be related since they start after the macvlan errors, also some out of memory errors.

so i uninstalled some out of date dockers but now it crashed differently this time i think. 

the only dockers i have on are plex and lancache bundle 

Sep 14 19:31:01


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