Solution to Failed to Allocate memory for kernel command line, bailing out on Dell Servers


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CRAZY: I had a miraculous break through as well. I kept trying to use UEFI, but when I made the unRAID 6.9-rc2 image with the Unraid Flash Drive Tool and as BIOS and CHANGED my R710 to BIOS instead of UEFI it booted this time! I know I've read somewhere where using BIOS instead of UEFI for R/710 is a bad idea (whether for drives space, which apparently is false for an HBA controller; or for some other reason, I do not recall).

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I'm trying to run the "sudo bash make_bootable_linux" command on my linux system, after installing it on step 2, and its saying "no such file or directory". Here is the command i'm running for the USB drive "sudo bash make_bootable_linux /media/user/UNRAID" 

Any suggestions on what i should try? Thanks!


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Nevermind, i got it to boot. Changed the emulation type to hard drive. Had to reboot and set the first boot drive to USB. Then it worked! Thanks!! I just used the windows USB creation tool and did the stable version as well. 

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